Difalco HD30 218 Ohms Resistor Network - Slow response - DD-263 from Mid-America

  • $21.39

Difalco HD30 218 Ohms Resistor Network

 - Slow response - 


 from Mid America Raceway

one per order


  • Full range sensitivity pot - complete control over glue and run speeds for 16D to G27 motors.

  • Super high amperage power transistor - our testing showed that one powerful transistor was more reliable than two low amperage units in parallel!

  • New layout - all components are mounted on circuit board in the handle! Not top heavy. Great for module builders.

  • Transistor design - means no high power on wiper bands, no arcing, virtually maintenance free!

  • Short stroke nickel plated circuit board won’t tarnish and gets you to full power fast!

  • Modules install in turbo frames and all older Dragtrollers with red circuit board for easy upgrade to new design.

DD410 - DRAGTROLLER PRO MODULE - All the features above in a new simple to install layout for your turbo frame. Our new circuit board has custom routed slots that fit down over the turbo frame uprights! This design automatically locates itself vertically and horizontally. It sits about .070” lower so you don’t have to bend the wiper arm radically and allows the circuit board to lay perfectly flat. New in handle design has only three wires to hook up
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