EFLITE Blade mCP X v2 RTF RC HELICOPTER HELI BLH3600 Mid America Naperville

  • $224.99


AS3X® Digital Flybarless System
Integrated flybarless unit increases stability, control and power, providing the user the ultimate ultra micro heli experience for indoor and outdoor use
Capable of maneuvers such as inverted hover, loops, flips, rolls, funnels and hurricanes
Very low disc-loading results in high maneuverability and good collective response
Lightest heli in its class
Robust, long-lasting dual ball bearing-supported linear cyclic servos
Two sets of blades included, fast-flight and high-performance
Two high-performance flight batteries included
This model is one of the many available for the Phoenix RC Flight Simulator


Version 2 Changes:
- Digital 3-Axis AS3X Sensor
- Large Diameter Tail Rotor
- Swashplate Ball Link Dampers
- 1S 200mAh 30C Battery

This helicopter will give transitioning pilots a more agile and capable collective-pitch heli that will give them the confidence to master indoor aerobatics without the hesitance that comes with a larger outdoor-only platform. Not to mention the cost makes it much more economical when learning.

It comes out of the box 100% factory-built and equipped with a factory-installed flybarless 3-in-1 control unit with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2® receiver, ESCs and gyros. The Bind-N-Fly® version is ready for customers who already have a compatible DSM2/DSMX® aircraft transmitter. Also includes two 1S 200mAh 30C batteries, single-port charger with AC adapter and a 1S high-current ultra micro battery adapter lead.

Using an integrated AS3X™ Digital Flybarless System, the heli gets up in the air without a mechanical flybar. The core of AS3X technology is a sophisticated, 3-axis digital sensor that stabilizes the rotor head and functions as a heading hold gyro. This, along with its powerful motors and high-precision cyclic servos, gives the mCP X v2 a sense of stability and responsiveness no other collective-pitch heli its size can match.

The helicopter's software has been designed to be used with the DX4e, DX5e, DX6i, DX7, DX7s and DX8 transmitters, while allowing commonly used collective-pitch functionality such as throttle hold or stunt mode.