Proslot PS-4021BB Velociraptor VR eXtreme “NEO” Ball Bearing 1/24 Drag Slot car

  • $89.79

Proslot PS-4021BB 
Velociraptor VR eXtreme
 “NEO” Ball Bearing 
1/24 Drag Slot car

This motor uses the new PS-4017 “NEO” setup with a specially made .500 diameter VR
eXtreme machine wound armature on Pro Slot's race proven Intruder blank and includes
Goldust brushes. This motor was built for the “Ultimate” bracket racer and “Outlaw
NEO” class racer. Pro Slot's testing using an 85 gram hardbody test car netted .590 ET’s @
90+ MPH. This motor has no equal in performance for the money. Recommended
starting gear ratio 14/54.

Caution! Do Not solder in, bolt in only as the heat will hurt the Neo magnets!