ST1051 - 1/32 Scale Jel Claws Slot Car Racing Tires. Fit Fly C5 Corvette

ST1051 - 1/32 Scale Jel Claws Slot Car Racing Tires. Fit Fly C5 Corvette

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Product Number: ST-1051
      Scale: 1/32

Jel Racing Compound Fits: 1/32 Scale Fly C5 Corvette.  


This tire has a .57", 14.5mm inside diameter and a .79", 20mm outside   diameter.


**Sold as a Pair




JEL CLAWS are quite simply the highest quality scale racing tires you can buy.


JEL CLAWS tires are made   in our own USA factory by engineers and craftsman who care about   quality. Unlike other manufacturers, JEL CLAWS is a real   manufacturer and not a basement shop that makes cast silicone and urethane tires using   cheap resin molds. JEL CLAWS utilizes precision, high-pressure molds and state-of-the-art fabrication techniques together with the latest   CAD design technology to bring you the roundest, flattest and most accurate scale racing tires   available anywhere.


JEL CLAWS are far superior to silicone tires on plastic and wood tracks, which can   reduce even the best silicone tires to slippery banana peels. Along with unrivaled accuracy, our special tire compounds are formulated to be the best   gripping tires ever made. Their performance will not degrade during a long race and will perform reliably long after the checkered flag is flown. We test   and race our tires for each application and they always prove far better performers than typical scale racing tires. Because our molds are designed on a CAD system and CNC-machined out of solid metal, you can be assured of consistent   quality and performance year after year in  every  tire we make.


JEL CLAWS is committed to producing scale racing tires for   all models of slot cars. Our product line is growing every month. If there is a tire you need that is not   yet available, let us know. And don't forget to check out our expanding line of other scale racing and scale model products!


From racing slicks to treaded tire designs, JEL CLAWS has the tools and know-how to make it right!


 MADE IN THE USA!      Made in America


    Jel Claws tires are the roundest, flattest and most accurate tires available.


    Jel Claws tires will decrease your lap times over any other brand of slot car tire   and will decrease
              de-slotting at all speeds.


    JelClaws tires have nicely rounded sidewalls for a  scale-realistic appearance.        


    Jel Claws tires will not rip or tear during installation, unlike silicone and similar   cheap rubber compounds.                    


    Jel Claws tires use a proprietary "Jel" formula that is very pliable and able to stretch far   beyond limits without damage. Jel Claws will stretch to more than twice their normal diameter without   tearing.       


    Jel Claws tires work better on rough Ninco tracks, which quickly damage silicone tires.                    


    Jel Claws tires will not deposit slippery silicone oils or other slick chemical   contaminants on your track.                                 


    Jel Claws tires absorb bumps and vibrations, unlike other brands that    bounce and shimmy.       


    Our company is working on producing racing tires for all makes and models of slot cars.       


that feel slick and are blob-like in appearance with unbalanced   weight. They are cast in inexpensive molds made from plaster or resin and only show details on one side. In addition:


    The other side of the tire will look rough and deformed.       


    There are often large sprue holes showing in the tire.

  •        Irregular cast treads produce poor traction and   can cause wheel hop and resonant vibrations that reduce track contact when racing.


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