ST1135-R 1/32 Scale Slot Car Tire Fits Early Revell, Marx 2-Piece Wheel, Ferrari

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Product Number: ST-1135-R
Scale: 1/32

Tire Applications:   1/32 Scale Early Revell, Marx two piece wheel, Ferrari, GTO and others with aluminum chassis.

Sold as a Set of 2 (1 pair).

Rim Diameter .49"
Tire Height .98"
Sidewall Height .245"
Tire Inside Diameter .49"
Tire Width .25"
Rim Diameter - Metric 12.45 mm
Tire Height - Metric 24.9 mm
Sidewall Height - Metric 6.225 mm
Tire Inside Diameter - Metric 12.45 mm
Tire Width - Metric 6.35 mm
Front or Rear Both



JEL CLAWS are simply the most high tech scale tires available. Made in our own USA factory by engineers and craftsman, who care about quality. Unlike other manufacturers, JEL CLAWS is a real company and not a basement industry casting silicone or urethane tires out of resin molds. JEL CLAWS utilizes PRECISION HIGH PRESSURE and modern molding equipment with the latest technology to bring you the roundest, flattest, and accurate tires available. JEL CLAWS are better than Silicone on plastic or wood tracks that can turn even the best silicone tires to slippery banana peels.Along with never before seen accuracy our special tire compounds are formulated to be the best gripping tires ever. There performance will not fade during a race and will run their best until the checkered flag. JEL CLAWS tires are tested and raced by us for each application and always are much better than stock tires. Because our molds are CNC machined out of metal and designed on a CAD system you can be assured of consistent quality in each and every scale tire. JEL CLAWS makes and will make tires for all slot cars with a ever growing line. If there is a tire you need thats not available drop us a line.

From slicks to treaded designs JEL CLAWS can and will make it!   Also see JelClaw spelling.  Check out my other items! My Stores LogoFrom collectibles to electronics, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay Stores        MADE IN THE USA!

Jel Claws have nicely rounded sidewalls for a highly realistic appearance.

Jel Claws will not rip or tear during installation like silicone or other cheap rubber compounds.

Jel Claws use exclusive new extremely soft "Jel" formula stretching way beyond limits without damage.  Stretch our tires onto any wheel for even more applications.

Jel Claws work better on rough Ninco tracks that chew up silicone tires.

Jel Claws is developing new tire tooling for all makes of slot cars and all years.

Jel Claws will decrease your Lap Time over any other brand of Slot car tire and will decrease de-slotting at all speeds.

Jel Claws will not deposit slippery silicone oils or other slimy chemical contaminants on your track.

Jel Claws absorbs Bumps and vibrations unlike other brands that are actually bouncy.

Jel Claws are the roundest, flattest, and most accurate tires available.

Jel Claws Will Stretch over to twice their normal Dia. without Tearing.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CHEAP LOW PRESSURE HANDMADE and POURED URETHANE TIRES that are slimy and blob-like with unbalanced weight, as their molds are made by plaster or resin and will only have details on one side.

The other side of the tire is unsightly and deformed.

There are giant sprue holes.

Irregular cast treading is bad for traction and causes possible wheel hop and vibration when racing. 

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